Filling and Capping

Automatic Intermittent

Omas filling and capping monoblock

Suitable for filling at speeds of 50-60 bottles for minute.  

Automatic In-Line Fillers

Omas in line filler

Suitable for products filling at up to 200 per minute

Automatic Rotary Machines

Omas vial rotary filler

Rotary capping machines

Mascara & Lip Gloss Monobloc

Omas filling & capping line for bottles

Machines to specifically handle the challenges of hot fill products in unstable containers

Linear Walking Beam Machines

Consulting for filling and capping machinery

Too new for information.  Please stand by.

Don't Know?

Need help? Consulting available

Feeling Lost?  Don't know where to start start?  We offer consulting services if you feel over your head.

Equipment brochures

G250 - Filling and Capping Monobloc (pdf)


OMAS Cosmetic Magazine^ (pdf)


OMAS Hi-Tech Filling (pdf)